• Gluthathione Skin Whitening Injections

Glutax 200gs Diamond Bright Super Skin Whitening

Glutax-200gs Skin Whitening Injections

Glutax 200gs Diamond Bright for ever glowing skin

Everyone desires to have fairer and younger look that will catch attraction of everyone surrounding him or her. Individuals with tanned skin and always full of energy gets extra attention from everybody surrounding them. Glutax 200gs Diamond Bright Super Skin Whitening is proved to be the most efficient treatment for super white skin. It eliminates all skin related issues just within a few weeks of using this product. As extra benefits it effectively enhances immunity and organ functions in human body hundred times.


  • Ultrafiltrazione Glutathione- 200gm
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid - 500mg
  • Epidermal Growth factor - 2gm
  • Kojic Acid - 500mg
  • Multivitamin - 30gm
  • Collagen Natural- 600mg
  • Selenio- 500mg
  • Crithmum Maritimum Cells CIC2 - 300mg


Glutax 200gs Diamond Bright Super Skin Whitening therapy has many positive effects. Thousands of users all over the world have been successfully using this wonderful skin whitening injection quite successfully. It works very fast. Right from the first injection, this product shows its multiple of benefits.

Here are some mention-worthy benefits of Glutax 200gs Diamond Bright Super Skin Whitening:

  • The product acts as an effective antioxidant. Glutathione is known as the mother of all antioxidants. Human body already produces Glutathione, but changing lifestyle and increasing pollution has been adding on more and more toxic ingredients in the body. Hence, it needs more antioxidant than produced by the internal immunity system. Glutax 200gs Diamond Bright Super Skin Whitening fulfills that need. This multipurpose product supplies sufficient quantities of Glutathione, Ascorbic Acid, Lipoic Acid and Selenio to clean up even the heaviest metals in the cells quite effectively.
  • It reduces melanin concentration to a great extent, and reduces pigmentations. Soon, the skin begins to look fair and polished.
  • The product repairs damaged skin cells very fast and also enhance the rate of growth of new cells to replace the dead cells as fast as possible.
  • Protects skin from UV light, repairs the damaged cells, strengthens inter cellular communication and enhances elasticity of skin.
  • Eliminates dark patches, wrinkles, fine lines and common skin problems like acnes and pimples.
  • The special sea fennel stem cell culture called Crithmum Maritimum possesses specific skin lightening and damage control properties. It makes the skin smoother, more radiant and its tone more even.

Dosages and Restrictions:

Each set of injection contains a powder and a solvent, the infection is applied intravenously. The effect varies depending on the metabolism of each individual. After attaining the desired result the dosages can be reduced to one set every two weeks. During pregnancy, while undergoing treatment for cardiovascular diseases or in any other medical condition it is always feasible to consult an expert in this skin whitening products and treatment before using the product.

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