• Gluthathione Skin Whitening Injections


1. Does the skin whitening injections really work?

Yes. The skin whitening injections available with us makes your skin fairer and beautiful.

2. Is there any side effect of these skin whitening injections?

No. The skin whitening injections are completely harmless.

3. What are the principle ingredients in skin whitening injections?

The injections are composed of detoxifiers and Vitamins.

4. How the dosages are taken?

The injections are normally taken intravenously. So, if you are not trained in taking injections, you should take the injections under an expert supervision.

5. How long will I’ve to wait to get the desired results?

You’ll get the desired results within a month.

6. Are there any other benefits of these injections?

Yes. The injections detoxify your body, as also increases your immunity.

7. How long will I’ve to take these injections?

Normally, you need to take these injections to a maximum period of two months.

8. How the dosages are fixed?

Normally, you need to take one injection per week for a period of maximum two months.

9. May I need to continue the injections even after two months?

It’s not mandatory. However, many clients continue to take these injections to maintain or further improve their skin conditions.

10. Is the injections are expensive?

No. The injections are affordable and well within the reach of even a college student.

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